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Sara-Marie Taylor vs. Rhia O'Reilly

Another member of the Glamour Gym in action now, Sara Marie Taylor, a Scot who was helped trained by WWE’s Drew McIntyre. She takes on Rhia O’Reilly, who in case you haven’t guessed by her name and the big green dress she wears in her matches, is Irish!

Taylor is easily the most ring-savvy member of the Glamour Gym and does have good presence in this match. It’s clear to see she’s been inspired by some WWE Divas from her furry boots (Melina) and Trish-like headscissors attempt on Rhia who was perched on the turnbuckle.

Meanwhile, Rhia is a little more limited in the ring with 18 months of experience, but does know how to get the crowd behind her.

Decent match. Sara could be a one to watch in EVE.

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