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Apocalypse vs. Cynthia Sails

The new champ is here and for her first time as champion she takes on new Thunder Kitten-Cynthia!! The match is as one sided as can be as Apocalypse is more frustrated with the fact that she is taking on a newbie rather than someone worthy to fight the champ As the match draws to a close and Apocalypse has nearly destroyed Cynthia with her arsenal of scissor holds, body splashes, camel clutches and painful stretch holds..ENTER Addie Juniper and Dakota Charms who take Apocalypse by surprise and double team the Goddess of Destruction with double ax handles, body splashes, and take turns punching her belly as the other one holds her. After Apocalypse has been laid out, they then turn to Cynthia and the same fate awaits the newbie An awesome 2 on 1 beat down leaving both ladies KOed and Addie and Dakota now wondering who will be their next victim! Download this today!!!

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