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Jessie Belle vs. Dark Machine VII

Jessie Belle is out for revenge as she attacks the Machine from the start !!! She hits him with forearms, knee lifts , body blows and of course her array of dirty south tactics and illegal choke holds that begin to infuriate the Man Monster!! The Machine then starts to "Hulk Out" and retaliates against the Southern Sensation with clotheslines, headbutts, punches to Jessie head, and stunner that devastate poor Jessie Belle into almost a state of unconsciousness. The last few minutes of the match are a "jobber fantasy" delight as Jessie Belle is rag dolled by the Machine The Machine unloads with a DDT, Samoan Drop, Head Squeeze with his bare hands, monstrous head butts, running standing splashes, over the knee back breakers, blatant choke holds, and forearms to her beautiful midsection! Entertaining to the last guys,,,,DOWNLOAD NOW!!!

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