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Angeldust vs. Heidi Lovelace vs. Melanie Cruise

Angeldust beat Heidi Lovelace (w/The Social Network and Melanie Cruise. Cruise shoved the ring announcer out of the ring while he was announcing her. That was funny. Lovelace and Angeldust sport 1-4 records in GNO action. Cruise is 1-1. Cruise is much larger than Lovelace and Angeldust. Dave Prazak joined the commentary booth! They did a triple test of strength. Cruise backed out and kicked the test of strength to Lovelace vs. Angeldust. Lovelace and Angeldust managed to send Cruise packing to the outside and they went at it in the ring. The announcers speculated the match would end in one fall when Cruise broke up a pin attempt from Angeldust on Lovelace inside the ring. Angeldust went for a splash off the top on Cruise, but Cruise caught her and hit a huge slam. Lovelace stayed on the outside while Cruise worked over Angeldust. Lovelace choked Angeldust from the outside with the ref distracted. Cruise hit a big spinning side slam and Lovelace broke up the pin. Lovelace slapped Cruise across the face. Cruise responded with a huge spinebuster. Cruise went up top, but the Social Network dragged Lovelace out of the way. Angeldust then rolled up Cruise for the win. The action was good, but I wasn’t fan of the finish. Cruise was impressive here until Angeldust stole the win. (**3/4) After the match, Cruise nearly took Angeldust’s head with a big boot.
Review by Sean Radican, Torch columnist

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