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RQW Women's Title #1 Contendership Royal Rumble

Bellatrix 8 closes with 30 women competing to be name the #1 contender to the RQW Women's Title. Amy-Lee Kramer, Bacardi, Billie Joe, Blue Nikita, Chanel, Crystal Clare, Davina Finch, Destiny, Dragonita, Ellie Rollins, Erin Angel, Jezebeth, Kraz, Lady Lory, Laura Cruz, Laura Marinelli, Leah Heart, Lilly Fae, Luminous, Miss Highlight, Miss Mina, Penelope, Phobia, Rebel Yell, Rhia O'Reilly, Roxanne, Sakura Lily, Shax, Stacee and Violet O'Hara will enter the match one at a time in intervals. One by one, they'll be eliminated until one woman stands tall, ready to face Sammi Baynz for the much-coveted title.

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