Hudson Envy, Saraya Knight & Christina Von Eerie vs. Ruby Raze, Rosemary & Sage Sin

Alternative Wrestling Show
Don't Bring Your Replica Title to Our Show
January 28, 2017

Rosemary vs. Samara

RISE Wrestling
RISE 2: Ascent
January 27, 2017

Nixon Newell vs. Rosemary

British Empire Wrestling
Britain is Rising 4
December 4, 2016

Rosemary vs. Wesna

Westside Xtreme Wrestling
Shotgun Live Tour: Berlin
December 3, 2016

Rosemary vs. Toni Storm

Westside Xtreme Wrestling
Shotgun Live Tour: Hamburg II
December 2, 2016

Courtney Rush vs. Nikki Storm

SHIMMER Women Athletes
Volume 69
October 19, 2014

Cheerleader Melissa vs. Courtney Rush

SHIMMER Women Athletes
Volume 55
April 13, 2013


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