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Faith In Nothing and Mad Man Pondo vs. Revelation 13

After leaving AIW in 2007, Faith In Nothing, Vincent Nothing and Christian Faith watched from the sidelines as Matthew Justice, Drake Younger and "The Passion" John Thorne carried on Revelation 13. Upon returning to AIW, now cheered by the crowd, Vincent Nothing proclaimed he would kill his creation, the faction known as Revelation 13. When Mad Man Pondo had a battle with Thorne, Vincent Nothing recruited him to join their war against Rev. 13. The match was set and it was a Fans Bring The Weapons, falls count anywhere hardcore war. These six men hate each other with a passion rarely seen in AIW and they took it out on each other. Anything not nailed down was used in this match including lightubes, barbed wire and even ringside guard rails. Will Revelation 13 continue their war on AIW? Or will Faith In Nothing finally kill the thing they created?


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