Sonjay Dutt

Sonjay Dutt vs. Kevin Matthews

Fight Night: The Four Year Anniversary Event
Pro Wrestling Syndicate
August 20, 2011

Kevin Matthews vs. Sonjay Dutt

Refuse to Lose II
Pro Wrestling Syndicate
May 27, 2011

Sonjay Dutt & Danny Demanto vs. Devon Moore & Matt Cross

Pro Wrestling Syndicate
March 22, 2008

Sonjay Dutt vs. Casanova

3XW Wrestling
May 17, 2007

Low-Ki vs. Sonjay Dutt

Absolute Intense Wrestling
October 7, 2006

Sonjay Dutt vs. Alex Shelley

All Pro Wrestling
June 3, 2006

Shannon Moore vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Cassidy Riley

United Wrestling Federation
February 10, 2006

Sonjay Dutt vs. Sonny Siaki

United Wrestling Federation
January 14, 2006

Sonjay Dutt vs. Matt Hyson

United Wrestling Federation
January 13, 2006


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